Bongguk Jin, Ph.D.

Project Manager, Analytics

Bongguk “Hyounji” Jin is responsible for methodology and analysis for the firm’s consulting and information services.  As Project Manager, Analytics, Hyounji is a resource for all NSI primary research engagements. She has extensive experience with research design, development of measurement tools, statistical analysis, and report writing.  Her expertise in survey research is complimented by training in qualitative research skills.  

Hyounji conducted and served as a principal investigator for research studies in the area of mental health and behavior, health care service utilization and outcome evaluation. Her recent research studies include socio-economic disparities in the health care outcome and utilizations, and development of Community Health Index for NJ. She is a frequently published author, and 2012 paper presentations will include:  

  • "Racial and Gender Disparities Among Asian and Other Races with Alzheimer’s Disease: The Analysis of Hospitalization and Mortality Rates of Alzheimer’s Disease Patients in the State of New Jersey from 2006 to 2011." 
  • "Emergency Department as a Main Source of Preventative Dental Care : An Analysis of New Jersey State Emergency Department discharge data from 2008 to 2011."
  • "The Development of a Community Health Index for the State of New Jersey: An Application to Improved Service Delivery."
Hyounji received her Bachelor of Science Education, a Master of Science in Biology Education and a Master of Science in Physical Education from Seoul National University, South Korea.  She received her Ph.D. in Leisure Study from Indiana University.  Her Ph.D. dissertation was a study of a social psychological model of life satisfaction in the elderly.