Caron Todd, Ph.D.


Caron Todd is co-founder and principal of New Solutions, Inc. She has primary responsibility for market research and computer applications. Ms. Todd previously served as Executive Director for Dun & Bradstreet Health Care’s (DBHC) Chicago office. Prior to founding New Solutions, Inc., Ms. Todd was a Senior Consultant in charge of data analysis and market research for a New Jersey based management consulting firm.

Caron served on the Columbia University Faculty of Medicine as Director of Health Administration Studies. While at Columbia, she was assigned to Harlem Hospital Center's Department of Patient Care and Program Evaluation, where she assessed the health care needs of the community; evaluated the programmatic quality and effectiveness based upon specific outcome measures; and determined the effectiveness of computerized medical records as evaluation and management tools in medical research.

Caron holds a bachelor's degree from San Diego State College; a master's degree from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. from Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Division of Sociomedical Sciences. Prior to formation of New Solutions, Caron provided direction for the market/research computer services division of a leading health care consulting firm.