Medical Staff Strategy

NSI's Medical Staff Strategy uses a dynamic, data driven facilitation process.  Working with key physicians, administrators and board members, opportunities are evaluated operationally, financially and using quality indicators.  Strategies for medical staff integration, expansion, service development, and practice support result.

Medical Staff Strategy systematically evaluates options to:

  • Create and expand value for physician partners and the hospital
  • Consider and develop services for joint venture partnership opportunities
  • Identify services that support physician employment
  • Support and align physicians working exclusively in their private offices and with limited hospital interaction
  • Address physician integration strategies relative to reformed payment structures
  • Facilitate stable, thriving referral relationships
  • Successfully address potential threats posed by competing physicians
  • Mutually develop quality initiatives to ensure high quality care and capture financial incentives
  • Foster the community’s perception of the physicians and hospital as a unified team dedicated to high quality, cost effective care
  • Fulfill the recruitment and succession planning requirements of a medical staff development plan